So...Amy Schumer's Getting "Problematic"...

We all know the cycle of Awesome Chick love: we get introduced to some awesome chick, squeal en masse about wanting to be besties with them, defend them mightily against detractors, but then start noticing some irksome qualities to that chick ourselves (see: Scarlett, Gabby, Jennifer, Shailene, et al). Well, your girl Amy Schumer seems to be cycling through this pattern quicker than your average.

I just got to loving her and now she’s irking me. Amy’s been doing stand-up, acting in movies, starring in her own show and hosting awards, so I am taking the sheer amount of opportunities to irk me into consideration. That said, she veered into “problematic” territory after hosting the MTV Awards:


But straight pissed me off with her “Milk Milk Lemonade” bit on Inside Amy Schumer.


This is the line right here: “This is what you think is hot?”

For real? For real, white girl? You are asking this while shaking what your mama didn’t give you in blonde kankelon box braids? Slate celebrates this as a “sendup of booty anthems”, but it’s not. She laments at the beginning of the song that “[she] used to think that [her] tits was where it’s at” but goes on to remind her viewers, especially male viewers, that by focusing on a round derriere, they are attracted to a poop making, dooky dropping, fudge machine. And she does this ENTIRELY surrounded by women of color.


As a big bootied black chick who still flushes with pleasure when “Baby Got Back” comes on, I am irked. Satire kicks up. Amy’s kicking out at anyone who likes big butts and the girls who have them. Not cool. Not cool at all.

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